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15 thoughts on “Eric Johnston’s about face on the markets

  1. I saw this guy on earlier this year and he came on so certain that the market was going to RIP the very next week. Problem was the market tanked the next week. Dude flip flops like crazy.

  2. They still really have an unwinded the balance sheet that’s pretty concerning I would wait till they get 30% of that balance off

  3. This guy made U-turn in 10 days. Bring him back 10 days from now, curious what he says then.

  4. It is so obvious the bear market on wall street is over. Only dumb money is bearish now.

  5. Eric Johnson is a fraud. Nothing has changed other than Europe almost crashing because there’s too much margin and debt. How in the hell is it bullish for an economy to be so extended that you can’t raise rates to fight inflation when you literally have to make up numbers in your head to justify that inflation has paused. Go to the damn store, you’re full of it. This is typical Wall Street gobbledygook. If he goes super long he’s going to get wiped out like in every other bear market rally.

  6. well, the fundamentals did not change, inflation is still high, the interest rates will increase or remain elevated for a prolonged period of time. All the lofty forecasts will be slashed at year end, goodwills depreciated, some bankruptcies, wait for the annual audits, the truth will come out soon.

  7. Appreciate the host challenging this guy, who in 3 months could be saying the opposite and stir sleep at night

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