Had A Few People Hitting Me Up With Questions So Here’s How I Got Mine! *ALSO Just Try Asking To Buy The Toy, Had Someone Say That’s How They Copped*

21 thoughts on “How To Get All 4 Cactus Plant Flea Market x McDonalds Figures 😀 #shorts

  1. I got two of the purple niqqas I was mad bro Ham burglar must be limited I don’t see niqqas pulling him like that on YouTube 😂😂

  2. Im still sad that this is a us only type thing. Was so hyped for it to maybe happen in Germany too but nah…

  3. I bought 6 fucking boxes and got the purple mf 4 times and the bird bitch 2 times….willing to trade

  4. I got the Hamburlar & Cactus Buddy today. Luckily I’ve got a kid that loves Big Macs so I’m pretty sure Ill get them all eventually

  5. I just got Hamburgler & Birdie. I told the Mickey D worker how many different figurines they have at their store, she was honest and said two at the moment. So she made sure I didn’t get duplicates.

    I suggest just being straight out with the workers and they’ll most likely hook you up without duplicates

    1. @ApRiL3706 I’m sure when the workers get em they’re in boxes and prob it says on the box

  6. Damn I walked in and told them folks I want all 4 figures lol and ordered the meals 🤣

  7. I want Cactus Buddy. I wish I didn’t desire him because I knew I wouldn’t get him. We got Birdee and Hamburgler so at least 2 different ones. I will quit once I get Cactus Buddy. The only one I want!!!

    1. They come in mystery bags unless you feel them up you don’t know which one is inside 😬

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