Key data such as housing starts, mortgage applications and average price suggest the US housing market is in recession. Since the downturn coincides with the beginning of the Fed’s rate hike cycle in March, investors might expect the policy to pivot – but the central bank is firmly focused on another key indicator. Presented by @CME Group:

13 thoughts on “Is the US Housing Market In Recession?

  1. The fed does not have a mandate to stabilize financial banks, markets or insurance companies… its mandates are stable employment, stable prices and moderate interest rates FOR AMERICA… that does not mean supplementing the yen and bailing out lehman again, that does not mean supplementing the yuan with sdrs that benefit the imf manipulation….!!!!!!

  2. What house recession
    A price decrease from 2X plus
    Stop ur non sense
    Single stock PE coming soon
    Cheers from west Africa

  3. We live in a world where there is so much beyond our power to change, so keep reminding yourself DON’T stress over what you can’t change, give life your best shot and at the end of the day sit back with a smile and be very proud of who you are

  4. Why don’t you talk about the enormous real estate price bubble zero rates and QE created in real estate. House prices are going to crash and all residential real estate sales and rental dependant jobs will be gone. Those folks with little to no skills will go bankrupt as they should. Residential real estate is a business full of Fraud and illegal business practices.

  5. The Chinese are the only ones left that can afford to live here in America .Biden still has eight years left once the war kicks off this winter .

  6. 5 percent down after 70 percent increases in housiny…no. It’s gotta crash to get back to normal.

  7. The housing market is not in recession. It is coming to normalization after hyperinflation. When prices for gas or groceries fall down to earth we celebrate, but when prices of the most important part of household budget – housing – falls why are we not celebrating it? Housing prices coming to sanity is good for household and good for the economy overall.

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