Anthony Scaramucci, Skybridge Capital founder, joins CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ to break down his market outlook and the latest moves in bitcoin.

20 thoughts on “The bond market is sensing an end to the Fed rate hikes, says Anthony Scaramucci

  1. I’m new to trading how can I make more profitable investment in crypto without incurring much losses

    1. I strongly agree with you guys, Tony Folly’s team is the best, My funds are safe and ROI is always sent directly to my external wallet exchange

    2. Wow! I’m really surprised Mr Tony Folly is being talked about here. I initially started with 5k and now I have made over a 100k

    3. Coincidentally I met Tony Folly in a conference in LA. He shared me his views on the market and his strategies were really mind blowing!. I really recommend him

  2. Fing broken recorded of the media tossing a Fed pivot. Lack of professionalism!!!! Its a wave 4 up and the bottom will come with the wave 5.

  3. Don’t get me wrong I love the rally and appreciate the money. There is nothing fundamental or technical about this move up. It’s no more than illegal activity conducted by a few thieves. There are not that many short out there in the world. The number of people long in the stock market or its indexes always out numbers the number of shorts at any time, no matter what the thieves tell you. You have far more people who don’t even have or know how to short anything. No I smell a rat and the people conducting this illegal activity know the SEC, CFTC, or NFA will not investigate because the market is going up, which benefits the majority of participates in the market. I am pointing this out because any type of market manipulation is bad for the market and it participants. When our market regulators see stuff like this they should be looking at those accounts and asking some questions. Again, Thanks for the money thieves you know what you are doing. 😁

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  5. Oh yeah…the 10000$ suit knows about the real impact of inflation on someone who earns 30K salary per year.

    Suits are crying because the market went down …don’t believe them…Fed cares about the real economy (main street) and not the stock market.

    Fed can’t lose this game now after transitory failure .

  6. Wishful thinking mooch, the fed has been clear and what inflation data are you seeing to support your thesis that they are nearly done hiking?

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